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A manufacturer of high-end electric sanitation and cleaning equipment,tailored for sanitation and cleaning operations,with more reliable product quality,higher work efficiency,and lower cost of use,Baiyi It is your first choice for wealth.
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Always uphold the corporate mission of "creating a better living environment for mankind"

Shandong Baiyi Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in China Jinan Economic Development Zone. It is an innovative enterprise engaged in the research and development, production, sales and service of urban cleaning equipment and electric sanitation equipment. The products consist of 7 series and more than 40 types of product combinations, such as electric garbage trucks, electric sweeper, leaf collection vehicles,road washing vehicles, high-pressure washing vehicles,  small water tankers, and electric garbage sorting vehicles. At present, the company has been rated as "National High-tech Enterprise", "Science and Technology-based Small and Medium-sized Enterprise", "Specialized and Specialized New Enterprise in Jinan City", "Specialized Specialized New Enterprise in Shandong Province", and obtained the National Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for the production of new energy special vehicles Qualifications. Based on the concept of simultaneous improvement of services, products and talents, Baiyi has established a strategic plan of stepping into the whole country and going international based in Shandong, and has established the development direction of new energy, networking and intelligence. Create a nationwide sales and service network, achieve localized services, and better serve every user. The company has successively obtained "Five-star After-sales Service Certification", "Contract-honoring and Promise-keeping Enterprise" and "AAA Credit Rating Certificate". In order to enrich the product line and improve the product quality, our company actively cooperates with major universities to jointly develop new sanitation equipment suitable for the current sanitation operation status according to the needs of the market.

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Building the first brand of small "Sanitation vehicle"; subverting the traditional dry sweeping mode,turning dry sweeping into washing sweeping; easily solving the sanitation and cleaning problems of back streets and non-motorized vehicle lanes.

Street Sweeper

The creator of cleaning mode

The pure electric street sweeper adopts the sweeping mode and is equipped with lithium iron phosphate battery, which can make up for the inconvenient entry and cleaning of large sweepers. The traditional small road sweeper has the advantages of high cleaning efficiency, good effect and no dust.
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Service is the value and soul of an enterprise. Strive for Baiyi sanitation and clean vehicle:garbage truck,electric sweeper,leaf collector,small water tankers,High pressure road washing vehicle to go to the world

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In the continuous exploration and development,Baiyi has formed a cultural system of technological innovation,pragmatic struggle,service-oriented,and people-oriented,and constantly practices the values of "customer satisfaction,employee happiness,partner trust,and corporate income increase" to realize the enterprise,the common development and progress of customers and employees!

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